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Use this Paypal link only AFTER confirming booking.

Please note that this is a Retainer Fee and is used as such. Upon acceptance of the contractual agreement and confirmed availability for your event date, you may use this link to make your retainer payment and reserve your booking date. There are no additional costs to you to use this method. This is not the only form of payment we accept. We also accept checks, cash, and in-person credit payments as well. This form of payment is only an option for customers who wish to use this service. This payment will be returned if there is no contractual agreement between 'Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment' and the individual making this retainer payment. The name associated with this retainer payment MUST be the individual that signed the contractual agreement. No 3rd parties shall be accepted unless the name of the 3rd party is verified in the contractual agreement as an individual equally responsible for the cost(s) of this event. Once this retainer fee is accepted and verified the amount paid to 'Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment' shall be deducted from the total amount due for contractual services not including any additional taxes or fees for added services (only if applicable). Note that once the contractual agreement is signed you are bound to the rules regarding your booking. This retainer fee is bound to a $400 agreement value, regardless of total contracted amount. This amount will be deducted.
'Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment' is also bound to fulfill all requests for services in the contractual agreement. Retainer fees are non-refundable once the agreement is signed and 'Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment' has verified availability for your event by completing said agreement. By making this payment you agree to these terms. Thank you for booking with 'Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment.' 

You can count on me to 
                       'Make Your Moment Magic.'
I am located in Owensboro Kentucky
Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment handles Weddings , Birthdays , Karaoke , corporate parties and more! I even have a light show.